Getting on the Blockchain Bandwagon | By Kim Bellard, April 28, 2016

Face it: health care IT infrastructure is a mess. After spending tens of billions of dollars to "incent" providers to move to EHRs, they're using them but are not very happy with them. We now have millions of electronic records that are still way too siloed, and all too often incomplete. Enter to continue


9 Characteristics of the Medicare Population

  1. 3+ chronic conditions, 66%
  2. Income below $24,150, 50%
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Source: KFF

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"It certainly makes sense to align federal rules governing MMC, QHPs, and Medicare Advantage plans. Large insurers offer plans in all three markets and must conform to the rules of all three programs. Many consumers transition over the course of a year between QHP and Medicaid as their incomes rise and fall or family circumstances change. Others have household members enrolled in both programs."

-Timothy Stoltzfus Jost, J.D.
Emeritus Professor, Washington and Lee University School of Law and Contributing Editor, Health Affairs


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