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KFF: 10 Essential Facts About Medicare and Prescription Drug Spending

  1. Medicare accounts for a Growing Share of the Nation’s Prescription Drug Spending: 29% In 2015 Compared To 18% In 2006, the First Year of the Part D Benefit.
  2. Prescription Drugs accounted for $110 Billion In Medicare Spending In 2015, 17% of all Medicare Spending That Year.
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Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

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"In spite of all the conventional steps we take to protect our internal network, patient care could still be affected. We could have an entire hospital full of useless ultrasound devices because one was brought in with a virus and we have no control over them. And if it was able to exfiltrate data, we would have a compliance issue."

-Rich Quinlan
Senior Technical Analyst, Geisinger Health


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