What are the implications of the upward spiral occurring in the specialty drug cost trend? | By Clive Riddle, May 1, 2015

What are the implications of the upward spiral occurring in the specialty drug cost trend?" That was the question asked of experts in the current issue in MCOL’s ThoughtLeaders. A running theme in their to continue


Vijay Ramnath Jayaraman: 5 Things to know about India’s Healthcare System

  1. Rural Versus Urban Divide
  2. Need for Effective Payment Mechanisms
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Source: Forbes India: Health

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"Prescription drug prices continue to rise at a rate that makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to keep the costs of employee benefits in check. This necessitates that benefit plan managers act now to reevaluate benefit plan designs for 2016, or contemplate stop-loss insurance to cover this mounting liability. By taking these precautions, plans can confirm they have all options at their disposal to best meet their bottom line objectives and the needs of their employees."

-Bryan Birch
Chairman, President and CEO, Truveris


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