Lung Cancer Misperceptions: The “Any One Any Lung” Survey | By Clive Riddle, November 21, 2014

Misperception surrounding a disease can impact treatment, care, funding, and more. So it would seem is the case with lung cancer, as just highlighted in a new survey “Any One Any Lung” Survey sponsored by Novartis Oncology. The online survey was conducted by Harris Poll involving 10,111 adults from 10 countries including the to continue


Top Ten Major Metro Areas for Emergency Department Satisfaction

  1. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (score - 87.0)
  2. Hartford, Conn. (score - 86.8)
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Source: Press Ganey Press Release

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"Digitally-enabled care is no longer nice-to-have, it's fundamental for delivering high quality care. Just as the banking and retail sectors today use data and technology to improve efficiency, raise quality, and expand services, healthcare must either do the same or lose patients to their competitors who do so."

-Daniel Garrett
Health Information Technology Practice Leader, PwC US


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