Patients Happy With PCPs But Not Always Following Their Advice Due to Costs | By Clive Riddle, May 19, 2016

The Physicians Foundation has just released a 74-page report with results from their Physicians Foundation Patient Survey conducted by Harris Poll. The report findings state that "95 percent of patients surveyed are satisfied or very satisfied with their PCP's ability to to continue


Five things to know about Medicare Advantage Enrollment Trends

  1. 31% of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan in 2016
  2. Over 3 million enrollees (18%) are in a group plan in 2016
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Source: KFF

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"Customer engagement with payers starts day one when the patient checks to determine if their set of doctors is local, in-network, available for new patients, speaks their language, and is convenient. If that consumer information is later found to be inaccurate or inadequate, a payer's brand is tarnished forever, and with the increase of the individual marketplace, consumers will go elsewhere."

-Jeff Rivkin
Research Director for Healthcare Payer IT Strategies, IDC Health Insights


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