Ten Things to Know About Ebola Today | By Clive Riddle, August 15, 2014

While Ebola is only rampant in Africa, cases are now out-migrating, and Ebola is finally starting to get the increased  attention of the world it needs.  For those of us half a world away, we typically want to condense this information down to how it might ultimately indirectly or directly affect to continue


Stephanie Baum: 10 Most Active Healthcare CIOs On Twitter

  1. Will Weider (@CandidCIO) is the CIO for Ministry Health and authors the blog Candid CIO
  2. John Halamka (@jhalamka) is the CIO for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and authors the blog Life as a Healthcare CIO
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Source: MedCity News

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"If you keep the patient at the center of all you do, and include them in conversations, and include them in interventions to reduce readmissions, then you will be successful."

-Jodi Smith, CCM, NP-BC, ND
Hospital Operations Specialty Services, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado


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