2018 CMS Medicare Shared Savings Program: 43 Previous ACOs out, 124 New ACOs In | By Clive Riddle, January 19, 2018

CMS recently published 2018 Medicare Shared Savings Program information. After comparing the listing of 561 2018 MSSP participants to the 480 2017 participants, we found 43 2017 ACOs have exited the program for 2018, and there are 124 new ACOs for 2018. Caravan Health has sponsored 15 new ACOs, and Community Health Systems is sponsoring 14 of the new ACOs.  Here’s the list for the 43 ACOs exiting the program.....Click to continue


Ten Large Objects on the Highway to Healthcare in 2018

  1. Merger Mania
  2. CVS/Aetna and Multi-Level Integration
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"As pressures tying performance to payment have escalated over the past several years, we’ve worked with an increasing number of hospitals and health systems leading their regions in this unchartered territory. From addressing challenges unique to their patient populations, to ensuring the organization is equipped to adapt to policy changes, align its physicians and capitalize on new revenue streams, we have an impressive track record helping clients succeed in value-based care."

-Lynn Barr
CEO, Caravan Health


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