Accenture’s Advice to Pharma: It’s The Evidence, Stupid | By Clive Riddle, January 12, 2018

Remember when Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign mantra was “it’s the economy, stupid”? Accenture advises the pharmaceutical industry to substitute evidence for economy in that equation and focus more on evidence-based solutions than.....Click to continue


Ten Large Objects on the Highway to Healthcare in 2018

  1. Merger Mania
  2. CVS/Aetna and Multi-Level Integration
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"For the Medicare ACO programs to be sustainable for CMS in the long term, more participants need to successfully produce savings, and more providers need to move to two-sided risk models. Yet, the two points are inextricably linked: Providers are unlikely to advance to a voluntary shared risk option unless they have confidence in their ability to succeed."

-Clare Pierce Wrobel, MHSA
Director of Payment Reform Models, Health Care Transformation Task Force


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