Plus Companion e-newsletter subscription

MCOL Premium Plus members receive the Plus Companion e-newsletter subscription as one of the premium features of their membership.

Premium members may designate a Plus Companion e-newsletter subscriber with their account, who will also receive the valuable entire package of e-newsletters sent to MCOL premium members.

Your Plus Companion e-newsletter subscription could go to a valued colleague, favorite client, or even your home or other personal e-mail address. You decide. Also, you can change who receives your companion e-newsletter subscription at any time, simply by notifying us.

What’s more, the recipient of your Plus Companion e-newsletter subscription will be eligible to receive the same MCOL discounts that you receive with your membership, including 50% off HealthcareWebSummit registration fees and 10% off other MCOL products.

When you enroll for your MCOL membership, a place is provided in the membership form to enter the name and email address of your Plus Companion. Of course, if you’re not ready to designate someone at this time, you can leave those items blank, and feel free to notify us any time in the future when you want to add your companion account.

Please note the Plus Companion may be designated only for an e-mail address delivered to an individual person, and not for any address designed for group distribution.

As soon as your membership is processed, we will send an introductory email to Plus Companion, and then add them to your account for e-newsletter delivery. If for any reason their e-mail address bounces, or they decline the companion account for any reason, we will notify you and you can designate a different name and address at any time.

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